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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The exfoliation is the essential beauty gesture to have soft and luminous skin. It consists of removing the excess of dead cells, and preparing the skin to receive the care it needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Exfoliation and exfoliators, face peeling

Our skin needs to renew itself constantly. It therefore needs a little help to be able to get rid of dead cells clinging to the surface of the epidermis. Among the essential treatments for this scenario are exfoliation products, exfoliators and facial peels .

Applying a scrub to the skin, what is the benefit?

The application of these products allows above all to keep the skin young, supple and soft. In principle, the cells that make up the epidermis are renewed every 4 to 6 weeks. When this natural renewal is disturbed by external factors (stress, pollution, UV exposure, age, etc.), dead cells accumulate, thus causing thickening of the skin, the presence of wrinkles or even a dull complexion. The application of a scrub makes it possible to compensate for this accumulation of dead cells. It is essential to promote the development of new cells.
Likewise, the action of exfoliating the face consists of eliminating dead cells, but also the pollution that has stuck to the face. And when the skin is free of it, the cells will be able to renew themselves more quickly.

The benefits of a scrub

The scrub makes the skin smoother and softer. It promotes better oxygenation of the latter while stimulating microcirculation. This process involves the bond between the cell and the blood responsible for supplying oxygen to cellular tissues. Skin freed from dead cells is better able to absorb moisturizers and all nourishing active ingredients. The scrub also reduces ingrown hairs, so ideal for preparing for hair removal. And for tanning during the summer, it is particularly effective in uniformizing the result.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The aesthetic facial peel, for what purposes?

The cosmetic peel removes the superficial layers of the skin. The goal is to remove dark spots, wrinkles, acne and scars. This act of stimulation goes from the softest (caress) to the strongest (stripping).
In principle, the products used for gentle stimulation are based on glycolic acid or lactic acid (maximum percentage of 30%). They do not present any significant risk. On the other hand, when the glycolic acid concentrations are higher, the face peel must be performed by dermatologists. It is thus able to treat superficial spots, especially since acne requires a certain delicacy for this specific case.
To stimulate both the dermis and the epidermis, an AHA peel , once or twice a week in addition to home care, should more than suffice. The face peel will regulate the epidermis and again thicken the dermis. The skin of the face will come out softer and the pores will tighten. The spots will diminish, or even disappear, if they are superficial. Fine lines will also fade. As for wrinkles, they will be less visible, which has the effect of lightening the face, while making it uniform.

How to exfoliate the skin of the face?

Exfoliation rubs off dead cells present on the surface of the epidermis. In the whole process, it is essential to perform gentle movements, since the skin of the face is known to be fragile. The latter should be pampered with the intense face & body exfoliant or the gentle exfoliating gel for the face & body with appropriate gestures.

Today there are two types of scrubs:

  • Chemical exfoliant by application of products that dissolve impurities.

  • Mechanical scrub by friction

The essential steps for a successful exfoliation

Step 1 : wet the face so that friction is less aggressive on the skin.
Step 2 : Apply a small portion of the exfoliating product to your fingertips, then rub the skin gently. Focus on the forehead, chin and nose, these areas are more oily. The intense face & body exfoliant and the Biostase Access exfoliating gel consist of abrasive balls which act on the face by friction.
Step 3 : Let stand for a few minutes.
Step 4 : Rinse with cold water, avoiding tightening the pores.
Step 5 : hydration, a crucial step to finalize the exfoliation.

After exfoliation, the epidermis is momentarily weakened, since it is now devoid of protective barriers. By using a moisturizer for the face , it will be able to regain its elasticity as well as its softness.

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