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Technical blend of the benefits of concentrated vitamins A, E and C. A real energy booster, it promotes microcirculation. Innovation FIP-ACE strengthens the architecture of the skin, reconstitutes its own defenses (stimulates, revitalizes, relieves fatigue, relieves stress, etc.). For an excellent result, it is essential to combine the application of ACE Fluid, New Lift Serum and X-Tense Cream. All astonished, the skin wakes up for a beautifully fresh complexion


VAT Included
  • • Olivine (rare stone, rich in Magnesium and Iron) Concentrate of vital energy, a real energy booster.

    • Apricot Kernel Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, Anti-oxidants, rich in acids, linoleic (omega-6), linolenic and oleic (omega-9), illuminate the complexion and fight against the effects of aging.

    • Orange concentrate rich in Vitamin C but also in Vitamins (A, B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, H, B9).

    • Carrot extract, strong antioxidant activity thanks to the beta-carotene precursor of Vitamin A, able to trap free radicals and fight against external aggressions (pollution, UV…), improvement of the elasticity of the skin.

    • Ginseng extract, stimulates the production of collagen, repairing effect, protection of the skin against aging, helps fight against fatigue and stress.

    • Vitamins A and E improve the barrier function of the skin, reduce cellular damage linked to UV exposure. They Increase elasticity, repair and improve good cell cohesion.

    • Vegetable glycerin brings softness and suppleness and slows down water loss.

  • Daily on face, neck and décolleté perfectly cleansed and lotion apply successively:

    • First step: 2 to 3 presses of FIP-ACE

    • Second step: 1 press of NEW-LIFT Serum

    • Third step: 1 squeeze of X-Tense Cream

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